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Maria Victoria Henao, the wife of the late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, once lived a life of luxury and excess. Now she lives a life on the run. Born in 1961 and married young, Henao was already a widow by the age of 32 Maria Victoria Henao was married to Pablo Escobar for 17 long years before he was shot dead by police in 1993. After Pablo was killed, a team of cops traced Pablo's house and seized all his assets which left the family broke. Maria had to flee Colombia as the local police were after her

Maria Victoria Henao (born in 1961) is a Columbian famous personality, author, writer, and entrepreneur from Colombia.She is known in the country as the wife of the wife of the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Pablo was a Colombian drug lord Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar were married for 17 years during which she claims she had no ample knowledge of her husband's narcotics dealings. Although she enjoyed the classy and luxury life while he was alive, Maria Henao was subjected to a seemingly displaced life having to move from place to place as a refugee in a bid to elude the attention of the public after the death of the.

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  1. Maria Victoria Henao is the wife of one of the most notorious drug kingpin of all time, Pablo Escobar. She is a designer and a businesswoman as well. The cou..
  2. Maria Victoria Henao is the widow of narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar, the once-notorious drug lord whose death came in 1993 from a police manhunt. The beautiful young lady was married to her longtime love and husband for 17 years
  3. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (født 1. desember 1949 i Rionegro, død 2. desember 1993 i Medellín) var en colombiansk narkobaron og leder av Medellínkartellet. Kokainsmugling fra Colombia til USA i særdeleshet gjorde Escobar til en av verdens rikeste menn. Medellínkartellet sto for 80% av kokainen som kom til USA. Kartellet kunne tjene så mye som 40 millioner dollar i uka.Ifølge.

Maria Victoria Henao - The Topsy-Turvy Life Story of Pablo

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on 1 December 1949, in Rionegro, in the Antioquia Department of Colombia.He was the third of seven children of the farmer Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar Echeverri (1910-2001), with his wife Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrío (d. 2006), an elementary school teacher. Raised in the nearby city of Medellín, Escobar is thought to have begun his criminal. Cette semaine, Maria Victoria Henao, l'épouse de Pablo Escobar, à la tête du cartel de Medellin, le plus grand pourvoyeur de cocaïne aux Etats-Unis. Pablo est charmant, un être délicieux Maria Isabel Santos: Haben Pablo Escobars Frau und ihr Sohn als Mittelspersonen in aus der Mutter Victoria Henao Vallejos wurde María Isabel dass wir Sohn und Witwe von Pablo Escobar. In Narcos, Escobar's wife goes by Tata — a nickname used for the drug kingpin's real life wife, Maria Victoria Henao. Escobar and Henao married in 1976, when she was 15 years old (he was 26 at. Maria Victoria Henao knew Pablo Escobar as a loving husband and father, and despite the drug lord's infidelity, she stuck by him through thick and thin. Though Pablo's illegal activities shone a light on his family and had adverse effects on Maria and their kids, today, Maria lives a quiet life away from the limelight

Who is Maria Victoria Henao? Born in Columbia in 1961, Maria was the only wife of the late drug-lord and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar. She never left her husband's side, despite all his criminal and extramarital affairs, enjoying a luxurious life, but following his death in 1993, her life completely changed Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar. From 1985 to 1993, he went on a streak of heinous terrorist acts, such as bombing planes, shops, malls and ordering the murders of more than an estimated 7,000 police officers Mario Victoria Henao is a designer and businesswoman mostly known for being the wife of Pablo Escobar.Mario married Escobar in 1976 before he became the leader of his empire.Escobar died in 1993 but people still remembered him and Escobar's life story through Netflix's TV series Narcos.Mario welcomed two children with her late husband and the family of three currently resides in Argentina Pablo Escobar And Maria Victoria Henao's Relationships. The Columbian drug lord, and a narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar, and Maria Victoria Henao tied the knot in March 1976. The couple had met two years before their marriage, Henao was only 13 then Born in 1961, Maria Victoria Henao is a designer and business women. She is popularly known to the world as the wife of a famous drug lord and cocaine terrorist Pablo Escobar who ran the Medline Cartel alongside other drug terrorists during 70's and 80's.The cartel was responsible for 85% of drugs smuggled in the United States during their existence

Victoria Eugenia Henao si è sposata a 15 anni con Pablo Escobar. Dal 1995 ha vissuto in Argentina sotto falso nome. Ha iniziato la sua storia con Pablo Escobar quando lei aveva 12 anni e lui 23 Maria Victoria Henao's family disproved of the union, as Escobar was socially inferior to them. But the couple did not care, and eloped. Pablo Escobar married a 15-year-old Henao in March 1976, when he was 26 years old. Also Read: Mary Kay Letourneau Today: Wiki, Daughters, Net Worth, Interview, & Facts to Know. Henao gave birth to Juan Pablo. Nacida en 1961 Nacionalidad: colombiana Lugar de nacimiento: Colombia Famosa por: Esposa de Pablo Escobar Altura: 1.73 M Familia: Cónyuge/Ex-: Pablo Escobar (M. 1976-1993) Hermanos: Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo, Pastora Henao Bayen Hijos: Manuela Escobar, Sebastián Marroquín María Victoria Henao es la viuda del que fuera un famoso narcotraficante, Pablo Escobar. Estuvo casada con él. Maria Victoria Henao was the wife of world's most dreaded cocaine terrorist Pablo Escobar. Known as the world most notorious drug and cocaine dealer, Pablo Escobar has lived much of his life secretly. Very few people know that Pablo Escobar wife was very unlike him. She lived an open life and tried to build her life on own

Born on May 25, 1984, in Panama, to Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henao, Manuela initially lived the life of a princess. She was the younger of the two children of her parents and grew up with her elder brother, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao Vídeo oficial de Telemundo Un Nuevo Día. Maria Isabel Santos, anteriormente conocida como Victoria Eugenia Henao, revela que Pablo Escobar se suicidó antes d.. Pablo Escobar married Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo in the year 1976. At the age, Pablo was 26 years old while Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo was a 15-year-old. The couple had two children, Juan Pablo and Manuela. Pablo Escobar was famous for having a number of mistresses and constant affairs, despite of the odds Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo stood.

Justiça acusa Maria Victoria Henao e Juan Pablo Escobar de facilitar os negócios imobiliários do traficante colombiano Piedrahita Ceballos em Buenos Aire Maria Victoria Henao (born in 1961) is a well known author, writer, and entrepreneur from Colombia. She is better known as the wife of the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Pablo was a Colombian drug lord. Escobar, once called the greatest criminal in the world, was possibly the most trafficker of cocaine ever. Age, Height, [ The beautiful lady Maria Victoria Henao is famous to the world as the widow of drug terrorist Pablo Escobar. While she fell in love and married Pablo, she had a mix of fortune in her marriage. She lived a luxurious life with the riches of her husband but suffered infidelity at some point in her marriag

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What Happened To Maria Victoria Henao? Pablo Escobar's

Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao Marriage. The year 1976 was the year of the union of Pablo Escobar and her young ladylove Maria as they tied the knot even after facing strong disagreement from her's family. Maria's family opposed her idea of marrying Escobar on the basis of social differences Maria Victoria Henao is a designer and businesswoman. She is renowned for being the wife of a late notorious Columbian drug lord and cocaine terrorist Pablo Escobar. Maria never left the side of her husband even knowing the fact that he was the most wanted criminal of Columbia Maria Victoria Henao was the wife of the late drug lord Pablo Escobar. At that moment, he was the wealthiest drug criminal who made her life a mixture of extravagance and poverty as she confronted a lot of trouble in her life because of the poor reputation of her husband Maria Victoria Henao Age, birthdate, birthday. Maria Victoria Henao, the wife of Pablo Escobar, was born in 1961 in Columbia. Maria Victoria Henao is 57 years old and is living as the widow of a criminal yet taking care of her children. Maria Victoria Henao Short Wiki. Maria is a designer and businesswomen Maria Victoria Henao (now living under the alias of Maria Isabel Santos Caballero) was only thirteen when she fell in love with Pablo Escobar, a friend of her brother. With Pablo ten years older than Maria, her parents were not happy when they fell in love and decided to get married, but after two years together, they gave their consent

Pablo Escobar og kona Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo. (FOTO: NTB scanpix) I 1976, da han var 26 år, giftet han seg med den 15 år gamle María Victoria. Sammen fikk de to barn. I 2000 ble enken María Victoria og sønnen arrestert for hvitvasking av penger. De skulle angivelig ha mottatt ulovlig penger fra colombianske narkobaroner Pablo Escobar, former boss of the Medellin drug cartel, with his wife Maria Henao and their son Juan Pablo. AP He made me feel like a fairy princess and I was convinced he was my Prince. Sa femme, Maria Victoria Henao Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, le fils de Pablo Escobar a choisi de sortir de l'ombre en publiant un livre Pablo Escobar. Mon père en 2014

After their marriage, Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo welcomed their first child Juan P Escobar in 1977 and later in 1984, they welcomed another child, a daughter- Manuela Escobar. The love between them continued to blossom for seventeen years before it abruptly came to an end in 1993 Pablo Escobar's wife, Maria Victoria Henao fell in love with the drug lord, married him, never betrayed him, faced the false charges of court and now living silently somewhere in the world. Pablos Escobar ran a violent Medellin cocaine cartel that was one of the biggest cocaine suppliers to the United States Meet Maria Victoria Henao Maria Victoria Henao was married to Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Her husband was known as as The King of Cocaine before his death in 1993 at age 44. She was born Maria Victoria Eugenia Henao (58 años), viuda de Pablo Escobar (44), líder del cártel de Medellín y el narcotraficante más sanguinario de la historia, está exorcizando sus demonios interiores Pablo Escobar's widow Victoria Eugenia Henao has spoken out about her life with the world's most notorious drug kingpin in a two-part documentary that will launch at Mip TV.. Henao will.

Maria Victoria Henao, 58 anos, é a viúva de Pablo Escobar. Vive em Buenos Aires, na Argentina, com os dois filhos. Chegaram no começo de 1994, numa fuga desesperada da Colômbia após Pablo ter sido morto pela polícia, em Medellín Maria Victoria Henao- Biography. Maria Victoria Henao was born in 1961 in Columbia. She is Columbian girl.Maria Victoria Henao is the wife of the very known drug lord Pablo Escobar. His real wife is Maria Victoria Henao. The lady lived the life full of luxury as well as misery. She used to live a life of constant hiding Maria Victoria Henao is a Colombian native widely known as the widow of Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist Pablo Escobar. Henao was married to her late husband who was regarded as the King of Cocaine for 17 years until he was shot dead by the police in 1993 Maria Victoria Henao, the former wife of the most wanted criminal, Pablo Escobar is still unmarried after the death of her husband. The lesser known and not so popular wife of the most narcoterrorist Pablo Escobar, Maria Victoria Henao always kept herself far from the limelight, mostly because of the family name she carried and all the illegal things that her husband did Victoria Eugenia Henao junto a su esposo, el narcotraficante Pablo Escobar. Era el año 1973 cuando Pablo Escobar Gaviria se fijó por primera vez en Victoria Eugenia Henao

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  1. al exploits, his wife is named Tata Escobar. Her real name is Maria Victoria Henao. With Pablo Escobar being the most famous and wealthiest narco-terrorist to have ever lived, Maria Victoria Henao both lived a life of luxury and misery
  2. Maria Victoria Henao's Late Husband Pablo Escobar. Maria Victoria Henao got married to Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria in 1976. Pablo, who was born in the Antioquia Department of Colombia, was the third of the seven children of farmer Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and Hemilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrio
  3. Who's Pablo Escobar ex-wife, Maria Victoria Henao's? Pablo is dead, but his widow isn't. If you want to know more about Maria, her life, before, during and after Pablo, then stay with us for a while, we are about to bring you closer to Pablo Escobar's widow
  4. Maria Victoria Henao esposa de Pablo Escobar Habló sobre su días al lado de Pablo - Duration: 1:15:37. Lukmic Reloaded 1,139,795 views. 1:15:37
  5. Pablo Escobar and María Victoria Henao: Sebastián with his father in 1979. Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos (born Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, Medellín, Colombia; 24 February 1977) is a Colombian architect, author, and the son of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar

What happened to Maria Victoria Henao, Pablo Escobar's wife

Maria Victoria Henao after the Death of Pablo Escobar: In December 1993, Escobar had killed by the police forces of Colombia, and after the death of Pablo, his family faces a lot of difficulties 1976-ban Escobar feleségül vette a 15 éves María Victoria Henao-t. Két gyerekük született, Juan Pablo és Manuela. A házasságot Escobar nagyon boldognak értékelte, ennek ellenére számtalan fiatal nővel csalta meg a feleségét. Ezen nők egyike terhes lett, őt Escobar bérgyilkosai megölték

Al respecto, Henao fue tajante. Virginia está muy lejos de mi historia y realidad, ella no la conoció, se defendió.Henao, Escobar y Vallejo. En principio, explicó la decisión que tomó para. Pablo Escobar's wife, Victoria Eugenia Henao, on why she stayed married to the drug lord The child bride of the King of Cocaine breaks her silence on their 17-year marriag His attempt at escape across the barrio rooftops, the ensuing gunfight, and his eventual demise. However, the death of Pablo Escobar is not where the Escobar's story ends. In a way, it's where it begins. Upon the kingpin's death, Manuela, her brother Juan Pablo, and her mother Maria Henao Escobar fled Colombia Maria, 1 Aralık 1993 günü Pablo Escobar'ın polisle girdiği çatışmada öldürülmesi sonucu ailesini korumak için sığınacak ülke aradı ama çoğu ülke yardım isteğini reddetti. Almanya, Fransa, İngiltere, hatta Mozambik gibi ülkelerden ret yanıtı aldıktan sonra nihayet tanık koruma programıyla Arjantin'in başkenti Buenos Aires'e yerleştti La revista francesa Paris Match publica un perfil de María Victoria Henao, la mujer del jefe del cartel de Medellín que vivió rodeada de lujos. Su nombre quedó grabado en la historia, sin.

Pablo Escobar would have been 68 years old in 2017. His ex-wife Tata Escobar (aka Maria Victoria Henao, aka Victoria Henao Vallejos, aka Maria Isabel Santos Caballero) is 56 years old in 2017. There are some rumors that Pablo Escobar's wife died, but no such information comes from reputable sources Maria Victoria Henao: husband and personal life. Maria's elder brother who worked with Pablo in a small scale illegal enterprise was the reason as to how she met her future husband. Maria was only 13 when she first met Pablo while he was 24 years of age. Eventually, they fell in love and had an affair which was unknown to Maria's family Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar Children. Maria became a mother for the first time on February 24, 1977. It is then that the couple welcomed their firstborn son Juan Pablo(who later changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin). Later in 1984, the couple got another child, this time a girl Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (auch El Doctor, El Patrón oder Don Pablo genannt, * 1.Dezember 1949 in Rionegro; † 2. Dezember 1993 in Medellín) war ein kolumbianischer Drogenbaron, Drogenschmuggler und Terrorist.Durch groß angelegten und erstmals in der Kriminalgeschichte industrialisierten Drogenschmuggel wurde er als Oberhaupt des sogenannten Medellín-Kartells zu einem.

De Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo se habla muy poco; en la novela que transmite el canal caracol sobre Escobar, el patrón del mal, se observa una mujer hermosa, sabedora de los negocios de su marido, amante del dinero y de los lujos y hasta emprendedora si se quiere.Maria Isabel Santo Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Married Life, Career and Net Worth. Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth - Marriage to the wealthiest criminal in the world was a mixture of luxury and misery for Maria Victoria Henao.The very beautiful lady is widely recognized as the widow of a Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar Maria Henao de Escobar, also known as Tata was the wife of Pablo Escobar. Tata is quiet, loyal and obedient. She doesn't protest at being sent home by Escobar's mistress, and while she's upset that he's cheating on her, she knows that it's needed in order to get ahead in life. Tata Escobar is played by Paulina Gaitán

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  1. Maria Victoria Henao's Marriage To Pablo Escobar As the story goes, Maria got to meet Pablo for the first time through her brother, she was barely a teenager then as she was only 13 years old. It is said that her brother Carlos was working with Pablo to lay the foundation of his drug empire. Pablo was quick to develop an attraction towards Maria
  2. Manuela Escobar Henao nació el 25 de mayo de 1984, hija menor del gran narcotraficante Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, quien mientras estuvo vivo la consentía como una princesa, dándole toda clase de lujos. Manuela creció en un ambiente lleno de excentricidades, violencia y dolor
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Su esposa fue Victoria Eugenia Henao Vallejo [27] [28] , La Tata, con quien se casó cuando ésta tenía quince años en 1976. [29] De dicha unión nacieron sus dos únicos hijos: Juan Pablo Escobar Henao [30] el 24 de febrero de 1977 y Manuela Escobar Henao [31] el 24 de mayo de 1984 Hvem var egentlig Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo? I Netflix-serien heter Maria Victoria Henao Vellejo «Tata Escobar». I virkeligheten traff Maria sin Pablo allerede i tenårene. Det skrives noe ulikt, men de møttes angivelig da hun bare var 15 år gammel. Da var Pablo 26 år. Familien til Maria skal ikke ha likt forholdet deres, likevel giftet. Maria Victoria Henao is the widow of the famous Columbian drug lord and narcoterrorist, Pablo Escobar.. Pablo was the sole leader of the Medellin Cartel.. When Did She Get Married? How Was Her Married Life? She met the love of her life, Pablo, at an early age of 13 years old Tata Escobar is the hypothetical name used for Pablo Escobar in the Netflix TV series Narcos. Her real name is Maria Victoria Henao. She was married to Pablo when she was 15 years old. They met when she was 13 years old and Pablo was 24 years old. Pablo Escobar is 11 years older than Tata Escobar Victoria Henao, the widow of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, is seen after a previous arrest in Buenos Aires in 1999. Photograph: STR/R A s s o c i a t e d P r e s s i n B u e n o s A i r e

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Maria Victoria and Pablo Escobar were married in 1976 and were together before the death of her husband Pablo in 1993. He was famous drug dealer of modern times and reports estimated that more than 80% heroine that was imported in the United States had hands on Pablo Maria always lived beside Pablo, helping him find family love and constant support as a wife. Here are some quick wiki facts regarding her age, net worth, the death of her husband Pablo Escobar and where she lives now. 1. Maria Victoria Henao Wiki-Like-Bio: Age, Parents, Sibling Maria Victoria Henao Wiki. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria and Maria Victoria Henao, also referred to as Tata on Narcos, got married when she was just 15 and he 26. On how they met, it was through Marios, her elder brother. At the time, he was colluding with Escobar on numerous criminal activities

Pablo Escobars Familie: Frau Maria Isabel Santos heute im

  1. Pablo Escobars kone kommer til Fredrikstad i mai Victoria Eugenia Henao var gift med mafiabossen. Nå skal hun fortelle sin historie på Litteraturhuset
  2. Maria Victoria Henao's Bio, Wiki. Maria was born in Colombia in 1961. Maria was raised. The elder brother of Maria worked with Pablo during the early days of his drug crime. Maria's brother is said to have taken her to Pablo. Since she became an important member of Pablo's small illegal business, Maria had several opportunities to meet him
  3. Manuela Escobar's life took a different turn when Pablo Escobar was shot dead in a shootout by the Colombian National Police on December 2, 1993. She had to leave behind all the opulence of her life and flee from Colombia in 1995 with her mother, Maria Victoria Henao presently known as María Isabel Santos Caballero, and brother, Juan. In pursuit of escaping from reprisals of her father's.

What Happened To Pablo Escobar's Wife? The Real Life

Maria Victoria Henao was Pablo Escobar's wife. His cousin Gustavo de Jesús Gaviria Rivero acted as his right-hand man. Gustavo Rivero managed his illegal business operations and handled the finances and trade routes. Pablo Escobar may be the most successful drug lord the world has ever known Pablo Escobar, Maria Escobar Multimedia w Wikimedia Commons Sebastián Marroquín (urodzony jako Juan Pablo Escobar w 1977 roku [1] [2] w Medellín w Kolumbii ) - kolumbijski architekt i pisarz , syn bossa narkotykowego Pabla Escobara

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Maria Victoria Henao/ Maria Isabel Santos Caballeropablo-escobar-wife-and-kids-maria-victoria-henao-entityMaria Victoria Henao net worth, husband, personal life andPablo Escobar's wife Maria Victoria Henao-currently doing
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