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Voila! A pure CSS image crop. Note: It's very common for max-width: 100%; to be blanket applied to all img tags in WordPress themes. This is used to prevent images from extending past the container. In this case, that's exactly what we want. A big image can't break the layout because we're wrapping it in a div with hidden overflow CSS makes it possible to resize the image so as to fit an HTML container. To auto-resize an image or a video , you can use various CSS properties, which are described in this tutorial. It's very easy if you follow the steps described below Crop images to fit the dimensions of a div container is very easy with the following CSS lines: img { object-fit: cover; } This will center the image and adjust the image size to fit the borders of the div container. Most splendidly it will contain the dimensions of the image, so your site looks css crop image to fit div verder leze It's simple. Set your image crop dimensions and use this line in your CSS: img {object-fit: cover;}That's it. No need for unsemantic, wrapping divs or any other nonsense.. This technique works. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to crop images to a square, circle in CSS. This is the example image we are working. Cropping image to a square. To crop an image to a square first, add a class attribute to that image. Add the same pixels of height and width to that class. Then add an object-fit property with value cover so.

Auto resize an image (img) to fit into a smaller Div can be achieved through simple CSS or CSS3. In this tutorial I will explain both CSS and CSS3 ways using simple html example.Add max-width,max-height CSS as 100% for img tag,then image will be auto resized.Use CSS3 object-fit:contain to resize img to fit into div Using CSS to crop an image is not a new thing but perhaps not common knowledge. With the use of the Positioning and Overflow properties it can be easy to achieve - using relative positioning with a height and width the overflow can be clipped, everything inside the width and height is visible

I need to always crop a random-sized image to a square 160x160 using only CSS. The images should stay centered when cropped. My markup should be: < (such as CSS - How to crop an image to a square, CSS crop image to fit screen width while keeping the original height of the image. 1 Definition and Usage. What happens if an image is larger than its containing element? The clip property lets you specify a rectangle to clip an absolutely positioned element. The rectangle is specified as four coordinates, all from the top-left corner of the element to be clipped Specifies how to fit the external media to an area specified by the width and height properties in HTML or CSS. Figure: Object-fit property values applied to an image of 150 × 150 pixels. This is very similar to embedding images to background using the background-size property How to Resize Images Proportionally for Responsive Web Design With CSS. One of the main parts of responsive web design is resizing the image automatically to fit the width of its container. Since nowadays people use different kinds of desktops, our web pages must be appropriate for all types of screens Sometimes you don't have an option to crop images on the server-side so you need to do the cropping in the browser instead. Here are a few examples of how to create cropped image thumbnails using CSS only. All the examples are responsive and work for most image aspect ratios. Cropped images are scaled and centered to maximize the visible area of the image

Crop Images in CSS with object-fit and object-position Updated on March 16, 2020 Published on February 5, 2019 Images can be cropped with CSS using the object-fit property There are several ways to crop an image in CSS; however, the simplest and most effective of these are: Using object-fit: When using object-fit: cover, we can easily crop the image and still maintain the picture's aspect ratio.. You can use object-fit along with object-position to crop an image in CSS.Try setting the object-fit property on an image to none and then set object-position: 50% 50% Crop images with CSS Object-Fit and Object-Position. by CodingPhase October 7, 2019, 8:30 am 353 Views. In this post, I'm going to show you guys how to take any image and crop them to whatever size you want while still keeping the same ratio by using Object-Fit and Object-Position Related FAQ. Here are some more FAQ related to this topic: How to remove white space underneath an image using CSS; How to add border to an element on mouse hover without affecting the layout in CSS As a bonus, we can easily crop from the top, center, or bottom using background-position. One potential issue is we need to specify a height for the div to show up. This gives it a fixed height that doesn't scale proportionally (at least not without CSS media queries)

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The object-fit property defines how an element responds to the height and width of its content box. It's intended for images, videos and other embeddable media formats in conjunction with the object-position property. Used by itself, object-fit lets us crop an inline image by giving us fine-grained control over how it squishes and stretches inside its box The original image is 150×188, but to eliminate the white border we need to display 141×176, i.e. cut of the right 9 pixels and the bottom 12. We could use the width and height attributes of the img tag, but that doesn't achieve what we want: the browser will just scale the image to fit in those dimensions, so the white border will still be visible

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Learn how to fit an image into a specific size without distorting it. Search the docs (Press / to focus) Tailwind CSS Version. Tailwind CSS Version. Documentation Components Screencasts Blog Beautiful UI components, crafted by the creators of Tailwind CSS Proportionally Scale or Crop Images Using CSS It is obvious that you need to use different rules depending on the aspect ratio of the container and the image. CSS alone cannot choose the correct rule; you must use JavaScript to determine whether to fit the image horizontally or vertically. CSS3 provides a solution (well,.

The Fallback Way . Here is an example that uses a background image for the body of a page and which sets the size to 100% so that it will always stretch to fit the screen. This method isn't perfect, and it might cause some uncovered space, but by using the background-position property, you should be able to eliminate the problem and still accommodate older browsers Crop the image to fit the dimensions and if you want more of the photo in the shot, lock the aspect ratio, and then drag the blue circles on the edges of the crop templates to expand the crop. Notice that when you resize your crop by dragging the blue circles, the overall size increases Again, it doesn't matter how you get that CSS information as long as you get it. Without the CSS information, we won't have the fancy crop box for our images. Cropping images with JavaScript in a Vue.js project. At this point, the project should be nearly configured and ready to go for cropping images on the web Say you want to put an image or two on a webpage. One way is to use the background-image CSS property. This property applies one or more background images to an element, like a <div>, as the documentation explains. Use it for aesthetic reasons, such as adding Typically, to resize, fit and align images you can use something simple like CSS to display the part of the image you want, Photoshop to manually crop or something complicated like Graphicsmagick or Imagemagick to automate transformation

Images shown in this video is absolutely taken by me using my mobile... Please visit http://technomark.in/Auto-Resize-Image-To-Fit.. How to Use CSS to Resize Your (Foreground) Images While Preserving Their Aspect Ratio. The simplest and most painless way to quickly get all your existing foreground pictures to fit a mobile screen is to resize them with CSS. This can easily be done with the following rules Inside youf image tag , state dimensions . Idwally you can get away by dimensioning an image inside a division as; [code]<div style=width: 141px; height: 176px. An colored image can be shown as black & white in the webpage using the CSS filter property. We use the grayscale() CSS function as its value.. #someimg { filter: grayscale(1); } The grayscale() CSS function accepts a number or percentage indicating the amount of conversion required to black & white. A value of 1 or 100% means the image will be fully converted to grayscale Center and crop thumbnails with CSS. Here is a handy CSS centering technique I first noticed in the WordPress media library, where it is used to centre and crop irregularly sized thumbnails within a square container. The technique uses CSS3 transforms, so it works in all modern browsers, including IE9 and above

Crop Image Need to crop an image? Easily! Use our editor, which will help you quickly crop the image in the desired area. You can also select the aspect ratio from the list, for example, a 3x4 photo or a YouTube cover, this will make the cropping as accurate as possible The main CSS property responsible for the circular shape is the border-radius property. Setting the radius of the corners to 50% of the width/height results in a circle. Related Content. Responsive Full Background Image Using CSS. How to Create CSS Ghost Buttons. Creating Responsive Images with CSS. Jacob Gube is the founder of Six Revisions Crop an image by enclosing a rectangular area with a custom or predefined aspect ratio. Resize Image. Resize an image online to a specific size in pixels. Convert Image. Convert an image to JPG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, TIFF or GIF format. Compress Image Clipping is where the contents outside of a designated region are simply ignored. In our example, the designated region is the boundaries of the container, and any part of the image that went outside of its boundaries is said to be clipped. In this tutorial, you will learn how to clip content by setting the overflow CSS property on the container

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  1. To resize an image in HTML, use the width and height attributes of the img tag. You can also use various CSS properties to resize images. Here's an image at its original size: You should be seeing this image at its original size, unless your device is narrow and has resized it
  2. CSS Images Module Level 4 The definition of 'object-fit' in that specification. Working Draft: CSS Images Module Level 3 The definition of 'object-fit' in that specification. Candidate Recommendation: Initial definitio
  3. Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor
  4. Try to crop images so the dimensions are similar to the space the image will fit. Meaning: if the image is going to fit a space where it needs to be wider than tall, crop the image in the same way. Basically, you want the aspect ratio of the image dimensions to be close to that of the space it will appear on the page
  5. Select the image. (You may first need to choose Object > Clipping Mask > Edit Image in order to select it.) Then choose Object > Crop Image or click on Crop Image in the Properties panel. A rectangle will appear. Adjust the size of the crop rectangle to fit the way you want it. In the Properties panel, click Apply
  6. Demo: Pseudo background-crop. Background image cropping can be emulated in modern browsers using only CSS 2.1. The principle behind a pseudo background-crop is to apply a background-image to a pseudo-element rather than the element itself. One example would be to crop an image to display in the background

How to Crop an Image in WordPress. Now that you know how to easily scale an image in WordPress, you may be interested in the cropping tool. Notice how the image of the turtle has a lot of background space showing the water and the ocean floor. Maybe we only really want the picture to show the turtle with a little bit of the background around it The image is scaled to fit the entire container but, The W3C CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3 Specification states background-size can be defined after background-position in. How to Resize an Image? 1 Open Fotor's image resizer and upload the image you want to edit.; 2 Type proportions in the Width and Height fields or enter a percentage to determine the size of the photo.; 3 Click the Apply option to use your set proportions.; 4 To finish resizing the image, save and choose format it to suit your needs

Hi there I'm having problems getting the images for my carousel to fit the full screen exactly. They do cover the width of my screen but the height's too, er, tall? I have to scroll down a little to see the bottom of the image. The images are all w:1500 by h:1200. My screen is 1440 by 900. Do I have to crop the images to match my screen?? lol I'm using Bootstrap 4 and took the code from. Resize image for LinkedIn profile, cover, post and company page photo size online. Following are the image sizes for LinkedIn: Banner image: 1584 x 396 pixels Profile image: 400 x 400 pixels Shared image: 350 pixels wide Shared link preview: 180 x 110 pixels Company logo image: 300 x 300 pixels Company cover image: 1536 x 768 pixels Company page banner image: 646 x 220 pixel Clip: Cropping an image . The clip property applies an offset on a displayed image, allowing to hide a part.. In combination with other CSS Properties (top, left, overflow), it can create thumbnails or crop images, or any other element.When the visitor clicks on the thumbnail, the image is displayed instantly as already present in memory

When yo usay the image shrinks, do you mean it visibly gets smaller? If so that's because when you increase the resolution it makes everything on the screen smaller. 1000px takes up less space. If you set the width and height in the image tag to percentages it will stay the relative same size to the screen Crop IMAGE Crop JPG, PNG or GIF by defining a rectangle in pixels. Cut your image online. Upload your file and transform it. Select images. Upload from computer. or drop images here. Crop options. Width (px) Height (px) Position X (px) Position Y (px) Getting files from Drive crop a circle in the image, is an online tool, used to crop round circle in your images. cropping is much Faster, since we are not uploading your images to our server. So cropping is quick, highly secured and consumes less bandwidth If you want to use an image in your responsive web design you can use fluid images. But there is another way. You can set a maximum height and crop the image. So how does this work? It's simple. Just put your image in a container and set the width of your image to 100% Re: How to best fit (crop/resize) Post by fmw42 » 2016-10-08T03:35:00+01:00 Using the first image in your upload as the input (A_original.jpg), it works fine for me on IM and Q16 Mac OSX and resizes and crops the image to fill the window

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When you browse a JPEG image or some other image in Internet Explorer 11 on a high-DPI device, the system does not resize the image to fit the screen. Additionally, you can't pinch zoom to see the whole image. Note This issue can also occur on a standard-DPI device when you are viewing a website in Internet Explorer in snapped mode An alternative to scaling images is cropping them with CSS. For example, applying overflow:hidden allows you to crop images dynamically so that they fit into their containers as the containers resize to fit a new screen environment. Having several options to scale and crop images in CSS might not be enough Get the crop points, and the zoom of the image. bind({ url, points, orientation, zoom })Promise. Bind an image to the croppie. Returns a promise to be resolved when the image has been loaded and the croppie has been initialized. Parameters. url URL to image; points Array of points that translate into [topLeftX, topLeftY, bottomRightX, bottomRightY Object-fit: contain; makes all the images maintain aspect ratio and fit in to the same area. It's experimental, but sure to be coming to a browser near you soon fill : This setting causes the element's content to expand to completely fill the dimensions set for it, even if this does break its intrinsic aspect ratio Twitch Profile Pic Size. Your profile picture is a prominent image for Twitch, it's how followers would get to recognize you. To edit your profile picture, go to the setting section, where you can upload 256 pixels by 256 pixels image, which is recommended profile picture size by Twitch

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2. SEO Friendly Images: SEO Friendly Images is a plugin which allows WordPress Image optimization in all the exsitent as well as upcoming images by automatically adding alt text and title text to them. This can lead to improving traffic from search engines. It lets you mend the following parameters: The images which don't have alt and title text can be given both automatically The Soft Crop in WordPress is the same as what's commonly known as a Fit crop and is what we'd normally think of as a pure resize. It's proportional, so the entire area of the image is retained. The entire image will be fit in a box of the dimensions you specify without cutting any of the image Hero images are one way in which you can make a website more aesthetically pleasing. A hero image is a container with a background image that stores a heading, a subheading, or any other web element. This tutorial discussed the basics of hero images and how to create a hero image using HTML and CSS. Now you have the skills you need to start. Many of us have cut our teeth using the CSS back­ground-image prop­er­ty to do a wide vari­ety of things. To many, it's like an old friend, but it's one we should con­sid­er say­ing good­bye to. The real prob­lem isn't the CSS background-image prop­er­ty itself. Rather it is that it's been used in places where it real­ly should­n't be, such as for the main CTA hero image. How to fit an image in div using CSS object-fit? You can also use the object-fit property of CSS3 to fit your image within the parent DIV. All you have to do is to add the object-fit property to the image. The Object-fit property has 4 values, they are : 1. fill - This would stretch the image to fit the content box. 2. contain - This would.

A Few Ways to Scale the Background Image. The CSS property to scale a background image so that it fills all the space available is background-size. Given that, you still need to figure out what to do if the picture, when expanded, does not fit perfectly into the surrounding space Image Cropping and Automatic Cropping — Resource about image cropping, a usefull feature in web application that allows the user to crop an image on a web page and save it for later use. Image Overlay Text — Resources about how to overlay text on an image using CSS, HTML and JavaScript, including examples tutorials and more We're also going to define a crop box with a square aspect ratio. None of these are required options. The important option is the crop method, one of many possible event methods. The crop method is triggered every time something happens to the crop box. This is important to us because we want to constantly update our preview image The crop property allows a replaced element to be just a rectangular area of an object, instead of the whole object. The crop property has been deprecated or is no longer in any CSS working groups. Initial value auto Applies to Replaced elements Inherited No Media Visual Computed value Specified value Animatable No CSS Version CSS3 JavaScript.

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  1. I figured out what was causing what looked like a poor crop to me — for the image shown on the promo, object-fit for .wpadverts-slide .wpadverts-slide-img.wpadverts-slide-img-square was set to fit so it was cutting off the image when it was displayed on the preview (before you publish) and on the advert (before you clicked to see the whole image)
  2. This tutorial will show you a simple way to code a full page background image using CSS. And you'll also learn how to make that image responsive to your users' screen size. Making a background image fully stretch out to cover the entire browser viewport is a common task i
  3. d standard rules in regards to background images: you want content on top of the image to be legible and easily seen. With those conditions in

5. React Drop n Crop. There's a lot to love about React.js. It's quickly becoming a staple for building dynamic webapps with a JS-heavy stack. The React Drag and Drop plugin is a combo of two different scripts. This uses the dropzone library to handle image uploads along with the React Cropper as an image cropping React component The CSS background-size property can have the value of cover. The cover value tells the browser to automatically and proportionally scale the background image's width and height so that they are always equal to, or greater than, the viewport's width/height. Use a media query to serve a smaller background image for mobile device FillBox is a tiny yet useful jQuery plugin to automatically stretch, crop and center an image so that it will fit into any container. The plugin is a jQuery based enhancement for CSS3 background-size: cover property Try this css. #container { padding-bottom: 50% The padding method effectively creates a canvas of correct aspect ratio and you need to size the image to fit the canvas which effectively means.

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#Fit. Controls how the image is fitted to its target dimensions. Below are a couple of examples. Some of these values are based on the object-fit CSS property. # Inside &fit=inside Default. Preserving aspect ratio, resize the image to be as large as possible while ensuring its dimensions are less than or equal to both those specified Using this option, allows for use with a greater range of images. Since a percentage of image width and height is specified, the browser can resize nearly any image and maintain its aspect ratio. To apply the CSS to an IMG SRC HTML tag, you would do the following Manually cropping individual images to fit them on various resolutions is resource intensive and quite impossible if your web application includes massive user generated content and a dynamic responsive layout. Cropping all images to focus on the center of the image, by default, can result in a loss of important content Ever since the introduction of border-radius, the web has gotten a lot less square. Did you know you can use this property to make images completely round? It's actually dead simple. Just throw this into your stylesheet: .img-circle { border-radius: 50%; } Now any image with the img-circle class will be displayed a

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  1. How to Stretch and scale a CSS image in the background - with CSS only ? SOLUTION 1: use the CSS3 property to do it . It resizes to ratio so that no image distortion will happen (although it does upscale small images). Just note, it's not implemented in all browsers yet
  2. Image Resize, Cropping, Resampling, Scaling, and Aspect Ratio for Printing This is about the Least that we need to know about using images. For anyone just starting with digital images, or having trouble getting started, here is an review of the first basics we need, about how to USE our digital images, about how to resize them for viewing them on the video screen or for printing
  3. There are 3 parts to the CSS: The top part deals with the image thumbnails, which is actually just some simple CSS to restrict the width and height. Then we have #lb-back, literally a full screen background cover using width: 100vw and height: 100vh. Finally, the bottom #lb-img part deals with th
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Learn how to code a Fit image in container snippet in CSS on 30 seconds of code. CSS / Layout. Fit image in container. CSS, Layout, Visual. Changes the fit and position of an image within its container while preserving its aspect ratio. Previously only possible using a background image and the background-size property My Thumbnail jQuery plugin creates image thumbnails on client side for multiple images in a page. My Thumbnail help you to generate uniform size images. Of course, the original aspect ratio of the picture is maintained. If your browser support css3, you can get a best (inner) fit image for your specified thumbnail size.Also, round corner is supported for css3 capable browser According to CSS Tricks, here is how round works: tile the image in both directions. Never crop the image unless a single image is too large to fit. If multiple images can fit with leftover space, squish them or stretch them to fill the space. If it's less than half one image width left, stretch, if it's more, stretch. It's Magical. Isn. A jQuery Image crop plugin helps you to crop and resize your images which you wish to upload on web applications and websites. For this article I have gathered a list of some of the Best jQuery Image Crop and Resize Plugins that will allow you to enable image cropping and resizing functionality for your websites easily

Current sample ties several form values together with a event handler. Form values are updated as the selection is changed. Also current sample have preview area. So we will see our crop result. Aspect ratio disabled. If you press the <i>Crop Image</i> button, the form will be submitted and a 200x200 thumbnail will be dumped to the browser. Try it I tested cases where the css specifies width and height, just width, just height, or neither, for the images. Images are only scaled if the css specifies width and/or height. If the css does not specify width or height, then the image is drawn without scaling and is clipped to the cell bounds (if necessary)

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I see you are trying to put the image as background. You may try changing the background size of the image to responsive [code]footer { background-size: cover; }[/code] Please note that this may stretch your image if your image is smaller or in.. Doka packs everything your users need to edit images. Developers can easily integrate Doka and define the image requirements. Crop all images to a square aspect ratio cropAspectRatio: 1; Resize images to fit a 400 × 300 bounding box outputWidth: 400, outputHeight: 300, outputFit: 'contain'; Fix incorrect mobile photo orientation correctImageExifOrientation: tru The image will resize to fit the monitor even if users view your gallery from a small monitor,table or iphone the image will resize and will show full size on click. This way you can upload very big images and in config set the width to original image to max value.This way coppermine won't crop your images if they are bigger then width set in cofig when you upload them The original FREE picture resize and crop tool since 2005! Resize, crop, compress, add effects to your images, photos, and screenshots for free

I am on a mission to create an amazing HTML5 image editor and want to write a little about zoom, crop, and drag or pan. These are 3 features with a lot of overlap, depending on the design choice and implementation, so I would like to first consider the user experience If the crop position is not provided, it will be automatically set to top left corner. If the crop area size is unspecified, it will use PNG graphic file's width and height. The recrop option allows you to fine-tune your cropping process. If recropping is enabled, then the original image you're cropping will be replaced with the cropped one data-will-transform: A callback method that gets called after each image transform. Slim sends the following two parameters along: data and ready.The data parameter contains the current crop state. The ready parameter is a function that when called will let Slim continue working with the given data.. When calling the ready method you need to pass the altered (or original) crop state object. If the image has an aspect ratio different from the ratio of width and height, it will be cropped to fit. crop. The image will shrunk and cropped to fit within the area specified by width and height. The image won't be enlarged. For images smaller than the given dimensions it's the same as scale-down The image remains the same size, and it is placed in the middle of the new canvas. public static Image PutOnWhiteCanvas(Image image, int width, int height) public static Image Resize(Image image, int newWidth, int maxHeight, bool onlyResizeIfWider) Resize an image and maintain aspect ratio. public static Image Crop(Image img, Rectangle cropArea

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This online Instagram video resizer tool can help you resize any video to fit Instagram recommended video dimensions, it supports resizing a video to square (1:1), vertical (9:16) and portrait (4:5) dimensions. You can choose to crop the video or add padding (black or white borders, also known as bars) Crop and resize images with PHP. Now the fun part begins. We will resize the uploaded image and save resized version in uploads folder so you can easily use them later. We can do this from scratch, but there are plenty of useful libraries on the web that does an excellent job. I will use a great ImageManipulator class by Phil Brown Abuse Image Attributes As CSS Selector Targets. In addition to the URL fragment as discussed previously, modern CSS syntax can select values of the alt and title attributes that standard Markdown supports. In this section I'll discuss each of these possibilities, although I discourage their use Use the free image resizer from Adobe Photoshop Express to easily change the size of your photos. Want to know how to make a picture smaller or larger? Use our free online photo resizer to adjust the size of any image in seconds so it's perfect for social media, printing and more.. How to. Work with frames and modify, paste, crop, or mask objects in InDesign. Adobe InDesign objects include any item you can add or create in the document window, including open paths, closed paths, compound shapes and paths, type, rasterized artwork, 3D objects, and any placed file, such as an image

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Cropping images is a fairly common use case in a Web application. For example, some applications let you upload a profile picture. In addition, it usually also let you crop and resize the image for a better result. Unfortunately, when dealing with image processing we need to install a few dependencies, both in the front-end and in the back-end Working with images in JavaScript can be quite (~2kb) library to blur pictures, with graceful downgrade support from css mode to canvas mode. This plugin works under three This plugin is a simple JavaScript image cropper that allows you to crop, rotate, scale, zoom around your images in an interactive environment. It also allows the. One of the issues with a fully liquid layout on a web page is the banner image is usually fixed in size and when you resize the window bigger there's always going to be some space around the image that you need to deal with. This post looks at how to stretch an image using CSS creating a stretchyimage header banner on a web page

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