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Step 1- make a circle with your pointer finger and your thumb, like the one in the picture. Step 2- when you get someone to look at your circle, you get to hit them (lightly of course) Step 3- I don't have a step 3, sorry Playable anywhere, the Circle Game is initiated when one person makes a circle with their forefinger and thumb, resembling the OK gesture, and holds it below waist-level. If someone else makes eye contact with the circle, then the circler gets to punch them in the arm. Players especially enjoy the game in inappropriate situations, sometimes setting elaborate or creative traps for their. For most Americans, I think it simply means you're representing the number three. However, the issue becomes more complex the more you examine it. When I began looking into this question I had no real idea that so many hand gestures were considere.. Where you make the OK '' sign and fool your friends so they look at it. If they do you get to punch them. Often perceived as having to be below the waist. Quite a popular meme as of 2017-18 What does making a circle with your thumb and index finger and putting it on your thigh mean? I figure it's something rude, but I'm that naive that I don't get it. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Jamie. Lv 4. 9 years ago. Favorite Answer

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The OK or ring gesture (Unicode symbol U+1F44C ) is performed by connecting the thumb and index into a circle, and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed away from the palm. Commonly used by divers, it signifies I am OK or Are you OK? when underwater. In most English-speaking countries it denotes approval, agreement, and that all is well or okay Trigger finger or thumb can be reliably diagnosed by your doctor or physiotherapist by taking a history of your condition and by conducting a physical examination. The main feature on examination is a painful nodule within the tendon which triggers when the finger or thumb is flexed. X-rays and scans are not routinely required The game starts out when the Offensive Player creates a circle with their thumb and forefinger, not unlike an A-Okay signal, somewhere below his waist. His goal is to trick another person into looking at his hand. If the Victim looks at the hand, he has lost the game, and is subsequently hit on the bicep with a closed fist, by the offensive. index finger to thumb in a circle, other fingers straight out...i know it means ok but im pretty sure there is a modern meaning for this...it think it might be inappropriate but i have no clue what it means. help me out please Find the perfect finger circle stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Many parts of the world interpret a circle made with the index finger and thumb, with the three remaining fingers up as OK. But some places see it a little differently. In Japan, this gesture stands for money. In France it means zero or worthless The fingers are curled into a fist, with the thumb under the index finger, so that the thumb tip protrudes between the index finger and the middle finger. Index of ASL signs: T V Vo-f: The ASL V or 2 handshape. The index and middle fingers are extended and spread apart, while the other fingers and thumb are curled into a fist Get an answer for 'In Italy, the circle formed with the thumb and first finger means: A) OK, B) beautiful, C) delicious, or D) worthless. ' and find homework help for other Business. Emoji Meaning The Thumbs Down: Light Skin Tone emoji is a modifier sequence combining Thumbs Down and Light Skin Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed. Emoji Meaning A finger heart gesture where the index finger and thumb cross, creating the appearance of a very small heart shape. Thumbs Up: Medium Skin Ton The Aryan Circle is one of the largest white supremacist prison gangs in the United States. Its primary hand sign consists of holding up the thumb and the middle, ring, and little fingers of one hand, signifying the numbers 1 and 3 (which stand for AC). One can also hold up the little finger and the middle and index fingers, plus the thumb

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  1. For T, you make a fist, but putting your thumb in between your index and middle finger. For you, you point index and middle finger upwards. For V, it's like U, but spread your fingers apart
  2. Circles must be below the waist Throw a circle to your body below the waist plane with your index finger and thumb Attract your opponents into looking at it by faking injuries, faking showing them things of interest, or faking giving them things of value Throw up two circles to win two hits Some people play that you can put a circle on somebody else's body In 'Floater', the circle can be off.
  3. The patient touches each finger of one hand to the thumb of the same hand in an alternating pattern (5 th, 4 th, 3 rd, and then 2 nd finger). Next, the patient performs the same test on the opposite hand. The normal or uninjured side is tested first followed by the injured side. Tissues Being Teste
  4. Download this Premium Vector about Blue button hand with thumb finger up in circle button for expressing social emoji, and discover more than 9 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepi
  5. American Sign Language - ASL Learn sign language at https://www.Lifeprint.com Donations appreciated (to help pay for hosting and related expenses). Please he..
  6. View top-quality stock photos of Close Up Shot Of Hand Thumb And Index Finger Making Circle Shape Front View. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images

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Close up shot of hand, Thumb and index finger making circle shape, Front View Stock Image - Lushpix. u17423282 Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 64,400,000 royalty free photos, 342,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art images, clipart pictures, background graphics, medical illustrations, and maps I get to hit you on your shoulder twice, but you have to wipe it twice or else you get to hit me. Unless you were looking through the decoder

what is or does the sign mean, when people put their index finger and their thumb together to form a circle and then have their other three fingers up? might be a stupid question but I see people doing it and I dont know what it mea This is known as the fig sign. It is not overly common in today's usage, but it has previously been used in many cultures. This gesture originated in Western Europe and was considered a rude gesture, similar to giving someone the middle finger. In.. The thumb and the ring finger (third finger) touch the tips forming a circle. The index and middle finger extend straight resembling rabbits ears or the horns of a deer. Frequently, symbols appear between these two fingers

Palmer thumb & 1 • fingers & tips of fingers; Palmer cutaneous nerve base of thumb; Ulnar Ulnar 1 • fingers ; Radial Dorsal fingers/hand over median nerve fingers ; Nerve tests . Froment's sign. Grasp paper between index & thumb of both hands, pull out paper. If the thumb IPJ flexes, then it is an isolated ulnar nerve pals Brief Answer: It is most likely Parkinson's Diseae Detailed Answer: Hi Mr.XXXX, , Good Day to you. Thanks for your query. I fully appreciate your concern. From the sketchy detail provided, your are apparently suffering from Parkinson's disease. I cannot comment further on the basis of brief.. :wave: a couple times this has happened.I was rubbing my thumb and fingers together.at first I wasnt even aware that I was doing it.I thought I heard people that have parkinsons do that. is that true? - I see there isn't any answers yet for this but I'd like to know too. I've been doing it too. At firs

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If you mean what finger should you use to make a space while typing then i would say either your right thumb or index finger next to it.:) What does it mean to circle a circle? You draw a circle. This joint allows you to flex and extend your wrist, circumduct (move in a circle), adduct (move the hand sideways, bringing your little finger closer toward the midline of your body), and abduct (move your hand sideways with your thumb moving away from the midline of the body)

Fist with the thumb point upward; or the okay sign with thumb and index finger forming a circle with the remaining three fingers pointing upward. Good dog Left hand flat and facing up at waist level, fingers of right hand flat over the lips, then move them down into the left hand; or with the right hand closed move the thumb along the jaw line from ear to chin; or thumbs up (ASL) Trouvez des images de stock de Hand Thumb Index Finger Forming Circle en HD et des millions d'autres photos, illustrations et images vectorielles de stock libres de droits dans la collection Shutterstock. Des milliers de nouvelles images de grande qualité ajoutées chaque jour Once you have the thumb-index circle, curl your tongue up to the roof of your mouth and just put your fingers in your mouth. your fingers should touch the bottom-middle part of your tongue. Then, close and kind of squeeze your lips your lips around your fingers to get a good seal. (your lips should be covering your teeth. Finger-Thumb Circle Stretch The next exercise involves placing your injured finger to your thumb, essentially creating a circle shape (like the OK emoji). Hold this for about five seconds then repeat 10 times. Tennis Ball Exercise: This exercise incorporates grabbing a tennis ball or a stress ball

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A 'sticking' sensation when trying to move your thumb; 2. Skier's Thumb. You develop this condition because of an injury to the soft tissue or ligament that connects the bones of your thumb. You usually experience symptoms several hours after the injury. The symptoms may include: Severe pain between thumb and index finger, usually in the web spac I lost strenght on my thumb and index fingers of my left hand, can´t open a bottle with those two fingers, need the palm - Answered by a verified Neurologist. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website In a kind of loose fist, the politician presses their thumb firmly into the middle joint on their index finger, curling their fingers into their palm. When they want to make a point,. if i use the fore finger and thumb on one hand i can just poke my head through. if i use the fore finger on one hand and the thumb on the other hand making a circle with my arms then i can fit the one on top my neck through it

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Pull with your middle finger like a trigger. In this trick, your middle finger provides most of the energy for spinning the pencil. Gripping the pencil between your thumb, index, and middle fingers as described above, pull or flick your middle finger inwards as if you were pulling the trigger of a gun Find Hand Thumb Index Finger Forming Circle stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day AdvertisementsThis post may contain affiliate links. Depending on what a person might have believed, people judge or criticize where and how you should wear your rings. Their opinion about the meaning of rings on fingers might be true, just like it might be false. Advertisements Have you been making assumptions about the meanings of rings [ The crescent moon shape, or lunula, is the part of the matrix that pokes out from under the flesh of your finger. In some people it barely protrudes and is only really visible on the thumb and big toe. The lunula looks white because the epidermis is thicker beneath the matrix and it blocks the pink colour from the blood vessels below Chinmaya Mudra is a simple hand gesture using the index finger and the thumb. How to do it - bring the tips of the forefinger and thumb together and form a circle. After, curl the remaining fingers into the palms, and place the palms on your upper thighs. #6 Buddhi - Seal Of Mental Clarit

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For jenta i denne fortellingen har en svært uvanlig egenskap: Hun har en magisk finger! Når noen gjør henne rasende, straffer hun dem med et lyn fra den magiske fingeren. Som den gangen med Gregg-familien, naboene som elsker jakt og dreper dyr bare fordi det er morsomt.Roald Dahl er verdens mest geniale barnebokforfatter Circle showing the painful tendons. Mommy Thumb is a painful condition of the thumb and wrist. Many recent news reports have highlighted this problem, When you lift a baby with your hands under her arms, your thumbs are usually pointed up and your fingers wrap around the baby's back Three Fingers Up And The Thumb And Forefinger Thouching And Forming A Circle. is an Ohio Trademark filed on April 23, 2010. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 1931978. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Lynn Neyman and is located at 6858 Wilson Mills Road, Gates Mills, OH 44040

Your thumb is the fifth digit on your hand, the one that doesn't quite match your fingers. Thumbs help us grip objects with care and precision — it would be difficult to hold chopsticks without a thumb You use the thumb, the index and the middle fingers in order to hold a spoon, or to hold a fork, or even to hold a pen and write things. Take this test:. In a variant, left hand rests palm upward in lap, with right hand raised to shoulder level with thumb and index finger forming circle; in another variant, the index finger and little fingers on both hands are extended, but the middle and ring fingers are curved inward slightly, with left hand pointing up and right hand pointing down Length of fingers has different meanings and they show a person's personalities in palm reading. Detailed meanings of lengths of thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger are introduced

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Step 1: Focus on the circle: To perform this test you will use your finger (or thumb) and the green circle below. The pictures on the left show what it should look like. To begin, hold your finger in front of the circle, between your eyes and the screen. Focus your eyes on the circle Barn elsker å male - med fingermaling får man utfoldet seg med fingre og hender, eller hvorfor ikke med føttene? Malingen kan også påføres med pensel eller svamp. Med fingermaling kan barnet slippe kreativiteten løs. Malingen er ideell også for de litt yngre barna. Malingen er først og fremst beregnet for maling med fingrene Trigger Finger Trigger finger is a condition that affects the flexor tendons in your fingers or thumb and limits finger movement. When you bend or straighten your finger, the flexor tendon slides through a snug tunnel, called the tendon sheath that keeps the tendon in place next to the bones. Trigger finger occurs when the flexor tendon becomes irritated Finger Thumb Inserts Sort By: Sort By: Quick Shop. Turbo Quad 2 Finger Insert (10 Pack) $21.95 Quick Shop. Turbo Classic Finger Insert (10 Pack) $21.95 Quick Shop. Vise Ultimate Vinyl Thumb Insert Oval $7.95 Quick Shop. Vise Oval-Power Lift Oval. Adjustable Unisex Cosmic Planet Thumb or Finger Ring with Mother of Pearl. £22.00 1 Available. Add to basket. Love this. Description. textured copper washers have been soldered in place and a circle of mother of pearl completes the cosmic design and adds a lovely shimmer

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The index and ring fingers both averaged 69 (index, 50-88; ring, 42-96) mm in length, while the middle and little fingers averaged 72 (57-100) and 56 (40-74) mm, respectively. Average diameter, calculated from the girth measurement, was 16 (11-22) mm for the thumb, 15 mm for both the index (9-22) and middle (10-21) fingers, 14 (10-20) and 13 (8-19) mm for the ring and little fingers, respectively They use body language sparingly. REMEMBER - the OK sign in American (Thumb and index finger making circle) is considered an obscene gesture in this country. A thumb's up is acceptable. France ( Latin Europe) According to World Business Culture, the concept of team work is something that is learned later in life in the work environment in France. France fosters a keen sense of competition. The index finger and the little finger are upright and the thumb is clasped against the two middle fingers. Ronnie James Dio, who sang with Black Sabbath and Rainbow before forming his own band, was partly responsible for it becoming a common symbol among metal fans. But it has other uses too, depending on the position of the thumb, and the. I'm assuming this is the right place to post this. Diameter of Hydrogen atom = 1.06 x 10-10 m. Diameter of Earth = 12 756 200 m. Logarithmic midpoint equation = (x * y) 1/2 (1.06 x 10-10 * 12 756 200) 1/2 = 0.03677 m = 3.677 cm = 1.448 in. This diameter is quite likely close enough to the diameter of the circle you can make by touching the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger


Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast Form: Lines starting from the center of the small circle, the lines on finger tip appear to be a complete circle and spread out like concentric circles. with two triangular points. Characteristics: Self-centered, likes competition, likes to set objectives, rigorous, subjective, doesn't like to be controlled ALS symptoms: People with ALS have a painless, progressive weakness. It may start in the muscle between the thumb and index finger (the first dorsal interosseous muscle or FDIH). Normally, their symptoms occur throughout the body, although they can be worse in both arms, or both legs, or in the face, etc

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